bat removal saginaw countyOur live bat removal procedures were developed using guideline from Bat Conservation International. We are proud to say that we are a 100% green and humane bat removal company in Saginaw County. We have performed thousand of removals over the 20 years we have been servicing Saginaw County. We are experts in bat control and bat behavior. All of our bat removal services are backed by a 5 year warranty. We take pride in giving our customers guaranteed relief from bats in the attic.

The only way bats are going to get into your home is through existing entry points. This may be through vents without the proper screening. It may also be through gaps that were left when the home was constructed. Bats in Saginaw County will find your attic to be a perfect environment to roost. The only way they are going to leave your attic permanently is if you call for professional services. Our bat control service will handle the bats in the attic and also ensure that they are gone for good.

Bats are protected species in Saginaw County and all bat removal services should operate with conservation in mind. There are 2 types of bat colonies in Saginaw County. The first is a bachelor colony. This will be comprised of only males. There is no risk to use the one way doors to remove these bats when they are active. The other type is a maternal colony. This is going to have females and during May – August could have young pups. Care will need to be taken to ensure the young pups can fly before we can put up the one way doors. If they are unable to fly we will need to wait until they can. Otherwise, the young pups will be trapped inside your home and die in your attic and walls. This not only creates an additional contamination in your home it is not in line with conservation efforts. If a bat removal company is going to use bat poison or bat repellents you should not work with them. Bat extermination is not a supported route and bat repellents are only temporary solutions if even that.

We specialize in bat guano cleanup and attic restoration in Saginaw County as well. If bats have been in your attic there is a very good chance you need to have the waste dealt with professionally. Bat guano will contain bacteria and be a breeding ground for molds and fungi. It also can attract bugs. It is very important to have it removed correctly so your home or business can stay a healthy place to occupy.

Bat Removal is offered to both residential and commercial properties in Saginaw County in the following cities: Birch RunChesaningFrankenmuthMerrillOakleySaginawSt. CharlesZilwaukee, and all other surrounding areas.