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Bat Scratching Walls – Saginaw

Bat Scratching Walls – Saginaw -248.361.1528 – Chances are if you are hearing scratching in your walls late at night or early in the morning, you are probably hearing the claws of bats scratching across your drywall. Bats tend to roost in the attic underneath the insulation or even down in the wall cavities. Some people don’t even realize they have a bat problem until they actually get one in their living quarters, often times in the basement. Bats can network through the electrical holes in the walls, work themselves through the wall cavities and get down into the basement. You might hear scratching and your first instinct is to suspect a mouse, but chances are it is a bat. You can tell you have a bat problem by finding their roost in the attic, which consists of the droppings on top of the insulation.Bat Scratching Walls - Clarkston -248.361.1528 -

During some summer months, you may actually see the bats roosting from the rafters, but even during their most active months, they tend to roost underneath the insulation. If you are not sure of the noises you are hearing, it is best to have your house inspected. Even if you are not encountering any nuisances it is still a good idea to have your house inspected to prevent a problem before it happens. Bats create a serious health hazard if the problem isn’t taken care of right away.