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Removing Bats From Attics:

Removing bats from attics is one of our main jobs at Bat Specialists of Michigan. Recently in Oakland County our technicians did a live bat exclusion. The bats were entering using openings where the chimney brick and soffits meet. In addition, there were five entry points needing to be sealed. Also, we would be installing one way bat doors. One way bat doors are a great tool in live bat removal as they allow bats to leave and not return, causing no harm in the process. Due to the bat guano left behind, a attic spot clean was necessary. This is a process where the bat guano and any damaged insulation is removed. The area is then disinfected and new insulation is put down. It is important to have professionals do this job as bat guano can contain harmful spores and can possibly cause respiratory illness if left untreated.

Michigan’s Bats:

Bats in Michigan are waking from hibernation and will be on the hunt for food. They use echolocation to find and capture prey, mostly moths, flies, beetles and other insects. As a result of this echolocation ability they are able to capture between 600 and 1000 small insects per hour! They can also navigate in total darkness, making them superb nighttime flyers. Northern long eared bats are among the highest on the endangered list. Because of this, bats are now among the federally protected. One more reason to have your bat issues handled by only trained professionals. Bat Specialists of Michigan actively participates with the Bat Conservation International Organization. We also provide a 5 year warranty on all repairs we do during a bat exclusion. Call today for more information, were here to help with all your bat removal needs. Bat Specialists of Michigan 248.361.1528