We are proud to offer a 5 year warranty on all live bat removal services. We also offer this warranty on all live bird removal jobs. Our expertise in removing these animals allows us to guarantee our work. We are also able to warranty that they will not be able to get back into your home or business for up to 5 years. If they somehow manage to just give us a call and we will resolve it quickly.

These types of animals will try to enter your home after being removed. There are some experts that say bats will try to return to a previous roost for up to 5 years after being able to access it. Our services guarantee not only the removal of these attic pests but that they cannot get back in for up to 5 years. These animals will only utilize existing gaps in your home to gain access. They do not make their own entry points. If a construction gap exists they will use it. If there is improper screening on a vent they will make their way in that way. During our site inspection we will identify all areas of your property that need to be wildlife proofed. We will fill these areas in a way that they will no longer be a way in for bats or birds.

If you are working with a animal control company that doesn’t guarantee their work on bats or birds then you should look elsewhere. There are a few exceptions to our warranty. The first is if you have a new roof installed or other construction done to your home that damages our repairs. This will often create new gaps in your roof that can be exploited by bats and birds. New siding will do the same thing. If you have this put on there will certainly be gaps left that need to be addressed when the job is done. We also do not cover water damage to our repairs. If you have any of these projects done to your house after we have serviced it please let us know. We will come back out to update your wildlife proofing and get you back under that 5 year guarantee.