attic restoration saginaw county michiganIt is our pleasure to offer attic restoration to all of Saginaw County. There are many animal control companies that are not equipped to finish the job once the animals are removed. We have the tools and skills needed to not only resolve your bird control and bat removal needs but restore your attic to pristine condition. This is a step that is crucial to the process. Bat guano and bird droppings contain bacteria that can be harmful to humans and pets. We see it also can cause mold issues in your attic due to the moisture. It will also attract bugs. Getting the bats out of the attic is only resolving the problem part way.

The first step in attic restoration is to setup the environment so we can move around freely. We will install temporary lighting and flooring throughout the space as required. We will also hang plastic sheeting in areas that we will be working so as we disturb the animal waste we do not allow dust to spread into your home. This is done to ensure that as we work the bacteria and other contaminants are not spread into your living space.

The next step is to start removing all of the contaminated materials through our high powered vacuum. We use this in all situations that allow for it because it lets us suck the contaminates through a long tube and directly out of your home. This limits any chances of us spreading the contamination outside of your attic. If the materials are too large to fit through the vacuum then we will use large heavy duty construction bags. These will be removed through the closest opening to the outside that we can use whether it is a vent in the attic itself or window in the room below.

The final step in the process is to disinfect and deodorize the impacted area. We use antimicrobial spray to ensure that bacteria is all killed off. We will also use a killz stain to fight mold. There are times that we will also need to spray a deodorant to combat the lingering smell from the bat guano or bird droppings. Once this is complete we will install the new insulation. This step will allow us to return your attic to fully working as designed. In most cases we end up with a higher insulation rating then was previously there. If you have any questions about attic restoration contact us today.

Attic Restoration is offered to both residential and commercial properties in Saginaw County in the following cities: Birch RunChesaningFrankenmuthMerrillOakleySaginawSt. CharlesZilwaukee, and all other surrounding areas.