bat control saginaw county michiganThe bat population in Saginaw County is controlled through proper conservation and bat control.  Anyone offering extermination services is not only breaking the law but is harming our ecosystem here in Saginaw County. Bats eat insects and they do it well. The more bats we have the less insects so we need to ensure we help give them the proper locations to live and when they end up moving in with us we do bat removal in a humane way to not damage the colony. We pride ourselves on being a 100% green and humane bat removal company. We never use poisons or traps to remove bats. 

We service all types of buildings for bat control. We can service both residential and commercial properties. The service for both property types is the same.  The first step is locating the bat colony in your building. Once we have done that we will start our live bat removal process. This process will allow the bats to leave freely but not allow them back in through the use of one way doors. Once the bats have been excluded from your property we can begin the attic restoration or spot cleaning process.  This will ensure that any contaminants left behind are dealt with accordingly.

The longer you wait to start the bat removal process the worse the situation will be when they are removed. It is important to get a professional bat removal company engaged quickly when you see or hear signs of bats in your attic.  Bats are critical to our environment but they can cause a lot of problems if you are sharing living or working space with them. To protect occupants health they need to be removed quickly and efficiently.

Bats do not tire of roosting spots.  If bats find a roost they will stay there unless it becomes unsuitable to their needs or they are excluded properly from gaining entry.   We use all the best bat control methods to ensure we remove them and that it is permanent. Our bat removal services are 100% green and humane. Our bat removal and live bat exclusion is backed by our 5 year warranty. Please call us today!

Bat control is offered to both residential and commercial properties in Saginaw County in the following cities: Birch RunChesaningFrankenmuthMerrillOakleySaginawSt. CharlesZilwaukee, and all other surrounding areas.