bird control saginaw county michiganWe specialize in the bird removal that will not only exclude the birds from your home but it will guarantee they do not have the ability to get back in. The process mirrors what we do during bat removal and utilizes our live removal procedure. We define bird control as the removal of birds, prevention of birds, and exclusion. There are several species of birds in Saginaw County we see routinely that can cause a lot of damage to your property if not handled correctly. We can assist with any type of bird removal or bird control project in Saginaw County.

We have seen Pigeons cause extensive damage on and in commercial properties.  They will build nests anywhere they can get access to and when doing so will leave bird droppings everywhere. If there are people working in a building or using it for living space pigeons need to be excluded as their waste can carry diseases harmful to humans.

Chimney Swifts have that name because they like to nest in your chimney. If there is scratching or squawks coming out of your fireplace there is a good chance you have a Chimney Swift. We can remove them and ensure they cannot get back in by installing chimney caps and blocking other access points.

Woodpeckers are a very destructive bird due to how they hunt for food and suitable nests. They will peck the side of your house for a multitude of reasons but all of them end with holes in the side of your house. It could mean that you have an insect problem which should be addressed immediately.  If you see that they have pecked in a horizontal line they were looking for insects. If you see that they made many lines they were likely finding them. If they are vertical pecks then they were looking for somewhere to make a nest.

Bird control is a service we are proud to offer in Saginaw County. We back all of our bird removal and control services by a 5 year warranty. We are able to handle any size bird problem and are experts in doing so. If you need bird removal done right please call us today.

Bird control is offered to both residential and commercial properties in Saginaw County in the following cities: Birch RunChesaningFrankenmuthMerrillOakleySaginawSt. CharlesZilwaukee, and all other surrounding areas.