live bat removal saginaw county michiganThis is a very important thing to understand. Bats are protected and should not be harmed when being removed from a home. They are a crucial part of our ecosystem in Saginaw County. Please ensure that any bat removal company you work with only uses techniques that do not harm the bats in the process.

Our first step in our live bat removal process is to do a site inspection. This will allow us to determine if you do have bats in your attic. If we find bats in the attic we will need to determine what type of colony you have. If it is a bachelor colony then we can proceed directly to the next step. If it is a maternal colony we will need to ensure we only do the next step once the pups in the colony can fly. This is only an issue in certain months out of the year.

Step 2 in the process is to start the live bat removal. We will do this by determining all the entry points that are being used by the bats to get into your attic. This can be done from the ground outside your home at times because bats will leave streaking and feces on the siding or area they are going in and out of. We will also get on the roof to check the spots as required. Once we have determined where the bats are entering your home we will set one way doors in each active entry point. Care will be taken to ensure we block all other possible entry points at this time as well. The bats will try to look for another way in once they are removed and it is important to have them addressed before this happens. The one way door will allow the bats to fly out at night but when they return they will not be able to enter the attic again. This allows the bats to leave your home or business without any bats being harmed and is the most effective way to do live bat removal.

The third step in live bat removal is to allow the one way doors 3-4 weeks of time on your home depending on the time of year. In most seasons the bats will be all removed from your home within 4-7 days. We leave them up for about a month to ensure all bats have a chance to leave the roost. We will remove the one way doors at this time and ensure that all other wildlife proofing is still in good working order. We can also check the attic to ensure the bats have all been removed at this time.

The final step in the bat removal process is to address the contaminated areas of your home. Bats like any animal will urinate and defecate frequently while in your home. The bat guano can cause a lot of damage if the colony has been in your attic for a lengthy period of time. As it dries it will also release bacteria and fungi into the air that can be harmful to the occupants of the home or business. It is critical that proper attic restoration is done once the live bat removal is complete. We offer a full service attic restoration and can address any size issue we come across. We also do spot cleaning if the job warrants it. It will leave your attic in pristine condition often with a higher level of insulation then you had prior to the bats moving in!

Live bat removal is offered to both residential and commercial properties in Saginaw County in the following cities: Birch RunChesaningFrankenmuthMerrillOakleySaginawSt. CharlesZilwaukee, and all other surrounding areas.